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How to use your Swift card

You can use Swift across the West Midlands, but where you can travel depends on what ticket you have on your card.

The ticket you need on your Swift card will depend where you want to travel. To work out what ticket you need you can:

*Register your Swift card

If you have bought a pay-as-you-go Swift card, you should register it online so you can:

  • top-up your Swift card online
  • replace your Swift card without losing any credit

Collect a new ticket to your Swift card

If you bought a new ticket to your Swift card or topped it up, you need to update your Swift card before you can use it. You can update your Swift card using:

Keep your Swift card separate

You should take your Swift card out of your wallet or purse when you use it. This avoids card clash. Card clash is when the reader accidentally reads your contactless bank card instead of your Swift card.


You can use your Swift card on most buses, but some depend on whether you're using a season ticket or pay as you go. Check with the bus operator to make sure you can use your card on the bus you need to take.

When you get on the bus, tap your Swift card on the reader and show any other travel discount card you have to the driver. You might need to show your Swift card at any point in your journey if a conductor wants to check it.


You cannot use pay as you go Swift cards on trains. You can only use a Swift card with a season ticket on it.

You might need to show your Swift photocard during your journey. You might also need to show a travel discount card if you have one.

At some rail stations, you need to tap your Swift card on the gateline reader when you go in or out of the station.


If you have a pay as you go Swift card, you need to buy your ticket from the conductor on the tram.

You might need to show your Swift card at any point in your journey if a conductor wants to check it.

How to register your Swift card online

  1. Go to:
  2. The top right-hand corner will show ‘Sign in or register’ - select this option.
  3. There are 3 options: ‘Already have an account’, ‘new customer’ or ‘have a card but not a swift account’.
  4. Scroll down until you see the option ‘Have a card but not a swift account’.
  5. Select ‘Register your Swift card’.
  6. Enter your long swift card number, alongside your postcode.
  7. Complete registration by filling in your personal details and press ‘Continue’.
  8. Your swift card is now registered, which is protected if lost or stolen and will enable you to make purchases online in the future.

Replace a lost or stolen Swift card.

Lost or stolen swift cards can be replaced so long the swift card is registered and there is an existing product on the card with more than 7 days remaining. Replacement cards can take up to 5 working days to arrive depending on the post.

Lost Cards

Lost cards can be replaced over the phone by calling Customer Service – Ticketing on 0345 303 6760. Swift cards can also be replaced by going online and paying the admin fee:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the ‘Swift and Tickets’
  3. The last column is ‘Manage your ticket’, you will see an option to ‘make a payment’ – click this to make a payment for a replacement card.

The fee for a replacement card is £7.50. Once payment has been verified a replacement card should reach you within 5 working days.

Stolen Cards

If your swift card has been stolen and you have reported it to the police, a replacement card can be issued for free with a valid crime reference number. Call 0345 303 6760 once you have a crime reference number to order your new replacement card.

Pay As You Go Cards.

PAYG Swift cards can be replaced if the card is registered. The remaining credit will be transferred to a new card for an admin of £7.50.


Refunds may be issued if there is a valid reason for the request and are subject to an admin fee as long as your swift card is registered. Call 0345 303 6760 to discuss your request with a Ticketing Services Executive. 

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